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In the 1530s, John Gau was a Lutheran exile from then-Catholic Scotland living in Malmö, at that time still a Danish city. It was here that he published The Richt Vay to the Kingdom of Heuine, one of the earliest books to be written in vernacular Scots. The John Gau of Malmö Prize honours this long connection by recognising and encouraging the study of Scottish literature in the Nordic region.

In the winter term of 2017, the topic set for the Researching Literature course taught by Dr Henry King within the English Studies programme at Malmö University was Scottish Literature since 1800. In connection with this, the editors of The Bottle Imp, the online magazine of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies, kindly agreed to read the best student essays submitted at the end of the course, and to choose a winning entry for publication.

The winning entry will be published in the June 2018 issue at https://www.thebottleimp.org.uk.

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