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Malmö University supports the march for science


March for Science is an annual worldwide campaign in support of science. This year, Malmö University will join the movement by taking part in the first March for Science in the Scania region.

March for Science aims to amplify the role of empirical research when it comes to policy-making. In 2017, more than one million people took to the streets to advocate for evidence-based policies. Under the banner ‘Science Marches On’, this year’s marches will span from New York to New Delhi, with a number of events being held in Sweden.

The Scania march will take place in Lund on April 14. The theme of the march is ‘How do you know that?’ (Hur vet du det?). The idea behind this campaign, organised by Swedish civil society organisation VA (Public and Science), is to challenge political and social debates in which statements often go unchecked.

“As an educational institution, Malmö University actively works to counteract fact-resistance and scepticism towards expert knowledge,” says Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham.

“By supporting March for Science, we align ourselves with the stance that science and facts should be taken seriously when it comes to planning and decision-making. I encourage everyone to take part in the event.”

March for Science envisions “a future where science is fully embraced in public life and policy”. The organisation works to promote science for the common good and to empower the public to engage with research.

"Universities and colleges have an increasingly important role in society; our goal is to foster and disseminate evidence-based knowledge. This is crucial for sustainable and equal societies and should form the basis for political decisions,” Tham adds.

The march will start from Fotongatan 2 in Lund, at 13.00 on April 14. All science supporters are welcome to participate.

Text: Maya Acharya

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