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Leading tech-investor becomes honorary doctor at Malmö University


One of the biggest names in the Swedish start-up scene, investor Hampus Jakobsson, will be awarded an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Technology and Society. 

After co-founding a business that was sold to Blackberry for millions of dollars, Jakobsson has invested in over eighty companies and runs several start-up incubators in Malmö including The Ground and Malmö Startups. He can now add the title of doctor to his list of achievements.

The decision to appoint Jakobsson as honorary doctor was motivated by the societal benefit of his extensive entrepreneurship in Malmö and his keen support of education and research at the faculty.

“I feel honoured and happy that the University feels my contributions have been useful,” he says.

Jakobsson, who is a computer systems engineer himself, has advised Malmö University students on what direction to take in their education, given guest lectures, and arranged study visits for engineering students. He has also assisted the University as a programme advisor and in issues regarding digitalisation — one of his many interests.

Jakobsson is a tech-optimist and believes that many of today’s societal challenges can be solved with the use of technology. He expects that, in future, programming will be less about writing code and more about understanding problems. That’s why university education should focus on being problem-orientated rather than solution-orientated, he says. 

“I am a strong believer in running experiments and think that the only way to solve problems is to just try. That’s why universities have amazing value. Universities are like playgrounds where testing things out is part of your tenure — there’s a great freedom in that.”

What’s more, he says, student interaction is incredibly beneficial. 

“Universities have several different roles and should understand that education may not be the most valuable thing that they offer. The peer group students create and become part of can be even more important.”

Jakobsson will be awarded the honorary doctorate together with physics professor Michel Godefroid from Universite Libre de Bruxelles on October 19. The award ceremony will be part of Malmö University’s annual celebration.

Text: Daniel Harju Popow

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