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Funding for research programmes paves the way for new knowledge


Malmö University will invest in four new fields of research over the next five years: urban environments, digitalisation, subject-specific education, and oral health.

Four new multidisciplinary research programmes have been awarded funding after a formal decision by Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham.

The decision is part of an ambition to increase the volume of research at the University, foster stronger research environments, and a create a better balance between research and education. It is also about establishing the academic direction the University wants to take.

"We are, of course, also interested in developing many more areas of research and are working strategically to secure external funding,” says Tham.

The four research programmes will each seek to produce new knowledge for the betterment of society. The Institute for Urban Research will focus on topics such as social segregation and polarisation, while the Data Society Research Programme will explore challenges created by digitalisation. The research programme Literacy and Inclusive Subject Teaching in a Multilingual Society will investigate the complexities of language in learning processes, and the research programme Foresight aims to find effective tools for identifying increased risk of caries and tooth loss. 

Each programme is entitled to receive financial support of up to three million Swedish Kronor annually, for a period of five years. Annual follow-ups will be conducted, as well as a mid-term evaluation in 2021. Depending on how the programmes fare, they could potentially be eligible to become research centres.

Text: Helena Smitt

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