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English Studies student receives Global Swede Award


Malmö University has nominated Jody Fish from the US as this year’s Global Swede. As such, he will be awarded at an annual ceremony hosted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Each year, the Swedish Institute, The Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs jointly recognise a number of exceptional international students at the Global Swede Award ceremony in Stockholm. The initiative aims to inspire students to act as ambassadors for Sweden and to strengthen international ties with future leaders. In order to be nominated, international students must show entrepreneurship and innovation in their field.   

All Swedish universities have the opportunity to nominate a student who shows both academic and extracurricular talent. Fish, who is in his last year of English Studies, was nominated by his professors for his A-grade average and role as editor of the transnational student magazine Pupil. 

“Pupil is an online magazine that showcases all kinds of writing, from academic articles to poetry. I set it up to encourage other students to share their work and build confidence as writers, especially those who are not native English speakers,” Fish explains. 

Fish is a writer and actor himself, and hopes to continue on a creative career path after his studies. In addition to running Pupil, he is currently finishing up his BA thesis and working at a tea shop.

“I work really hard in an education system where you can choose whether you want to put in the effort or if you just want to pass. I’m excited to be nominated and I think it’s great that the government recognises students’ ambitions and projects.”

The award ceremony will be held in May and all the nominees from across the country will participate.  

“I haven’t been to Stockholm yet so I’m excited to see the city and to meet the other students. I’m curious to learn more about their projects, the universities they come from and the experiences they have,” says Fish.

“There will be an official luncheon, followed by some team building exercises and a ceremony where we’ll be presented with a diploma. I’ll probably send it to my mum, she’ll like it.”

Text: Maya Acharya

Last updated by Daniel Harju