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A new model for improving research ties between Sweden and South Africa


Malmö University is part of a new initiative to improve research collaboration between Sweden and South Africa. The 17 million SEK project will run over the course of three years. 

The project is titled South Africa — Sweden University Forum (SASUF), and aims to foster collaboration between researchers, investors and industry partners. The project’s activities will all be related to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Carl Magnus Olsson, Project Manager for Malmö University’s involvement in SASUF, believes that South Africa is a natural choice for international partnership. 

"There is already a long history of political cooperation between Sweden and South Africa," he says. 

“Other practical benefits are that English is an official language in South Africa, the country is in the same time zone as Sweden and that South African universities have scholars that are incredibly skilled in their fields. We also see a lot of interest in social issues, which relates well to the type of research that characterises Malmö University.”

SASUF is primarily funded by The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education. Spearheaded by Uppsala University, SASUF’s participants comprise six Swedish universities (including Malmö University), and more than 20 South African universities.

As part of the project, Malmö University will be developing an interactive platform for collaboration, where research and other information can be shared.

“This is a great chance for us to show that we are a fully-fledged research university,” says Olsson. 

“The project provides an opportunity as well as a responsibility to work for strategic internationalisation at a national level.”

Text: Amanda Malmquist

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