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A new chapter for incoming international students


As the autumn semester kicks off, newcomers to the University arrive from far and wide.

Smiling staff and a hearty welcome awaited incoming students as they reached the Student Centre on Arrivals Day. A total of 149 international students will start their studies this autumn. In the next few weeks they will explore the city, settle into their new accommodation and get acquainted with their fellow classmates. Here’s what some of them had to say about their first impressions:

Muhammad Rai De Ammar (left), Far Sheila Azalia (centre) and Slsabila Immanisa (right).

Salsabila Immanisa, Indonesia

Studying International Migration and Ethnic Relations

“I actually arrived a week ago with my mum so we could say goodbye properly. We’ve been walking everywhere and seeing the city — the people here are so nice. Malmö is not as hectic and rushed as other cities that I’m used to. It’s very chilled here, and I really like that.”

Esteban Barco, Colombia

Studying Storytelling — Narration Across Media

“I’m really interested in illustration and animation, which is why I chose this particular course. We’re getting the opportunity to write our own stories and produce our own content, so I’m excited to end up with an actual product, like a story or a movie, for my portfolio.”

Florian Dymke, Germany

Studying Interaction Design

“My home university in Berlin has a partnership with Malmö University, so I didn’t really know anything about the city before coming here, but I did watch The Bridge, which kind of felt like research. After watching the series I thought, ‘yeah, maybe this could be a cool place’. So far the city seems very clean and organised.”

Eligika Ruksyte, Lithuainia

Studying European Studies

“I chose Malmö because of the kinds of courses that are offered here. I’ve also been learning Swedish a little bit so I’m excited to improve my language skills. Everyone has been very helpful and welcoming so far."

Text: Maya Acharya

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