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110 million in funding for new research on biopharmaceuticals


Malmö University is one of several collaborators involved in NextBioForm, an international research centre working on developing next-generation biopharmaceuticals.


NextBioForm is a collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare, and is funded by Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council. The research centre has been active for the past year and has now been awarded continued funding for the next four years. The total budget is 110 million SEK.

The aim of the centre is to improve pharmaceuticals from a patient and health care perspective, as well as strengthen innovation in the life science sector.

Biopharmaceuticals, such as insulin and antibiotics, have great potential to cure a range of diseases. However, because it is often difficult to find stable and patient-friendly formulas, many promising products never reach the market. NextBioForm wants to address this problem by generating new knowledge, new process techniques and new methods to improve these products and increase the possibilities for treatment.

The research centre includes both small and large companies working with biological pharmaceuticals, including product manufacturing, advanced analysis techniques and regulation issues. The partners are concentrated in two main geographical areas known for their biotech activities: Stockholm/Uppsala and Lund/Malmö.

“NextBioForm gives us new opportunities to expand our network. We have a better understanding of industry needs and can, together with our collaborators, conduct relevant research,” says Malmö University chemistry professor Vitaly Kocherbitov.

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