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New app provides dental care support


TECHNOLOGY. Two postgraduate students who currently work on their last year of research at the Faculty of Odontology's international master's program have developed a mobile application for dentists. The application provides support for diagnoses of difficult orthodontics cases.

Salem Abdulraheem och Fahad Alqabandi vid Odontologiska fakulteten i Malmö

Salem Abdulraheem and Fahad Alqabandi at the Faculty of Odontology in Malmö are both from Kuwait and enrolled in the international master's program to become orthodontics specialists at the Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University.

Research shows that general practitioners in some cases need support for diagnostics and decisions for dental treatments, which has led Salem and Fahad to strategically outline three common problematic areas; diagnosis and management of 1) early diagnosis and management of the unerupted/impacted upper canines, 2) early treatment of posterior cross-bite and 3) incorrect outbreak of the upper first molar (first permanent tooth). The ambition is to initially launch an international (English) application that describes evidence-based diagnostics and treatment of the three problem areas mentioned.

Förstasidan till applikationen om tandreglering utvecklad av Salem Abdulraheem och Fahad Alqabandi vid Odontologiska fakulteten i Malmö

With the aid from Salem and Fahad's app, which is easily made available in mobile phones or other mobile devices, dentists all over the world can now be properly informed via a rich image material and literature proposal to find answers regarding diagnostics, patient handling and treatment.

A challenge in dental care is to follow developments and current research results. The administration of the application therefore face rigorous tasks in monitoring up-to-date research and to remain a continuous support for general practitioners worldwide.

The application is available to download free of charge to both Android and iOS. In addition to their master's studies, development work has cost Salem and Fahad many hours during the last two years, but they believe all work has been worth all their efforts. They now have the ambition to expand the application to include even more types of cases or issues within orthodontics where correct and early diagnosis of children can prevent extensive treatments or even loss of teeth.

Text: Johan Portland

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