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Warm welcome for new faces


The sun is shining and it is a great day to experience Malmö. At Student Centre the foyer is jam-packed with luggage and students excitedly waiting to be registered or shuttled to their new accommodation. 

Paul Biehl 
Frankfurt, Germany 

paul germany

Paul doesn’t look as fully packed as everyone else in the room, but looks can surely be deceiving.

“I actually had to fly here twice due to all the luggage I brought. Three bags each weighing 20 kilos, and my bike!” he says.

Well, it is not very surprising given the fact that Paul is here to stay for at least three years. He has been visiting Sweden with his family for their summer vacations so choosing Sweden as a study destination seemed like a great idea and Malmö University offered the most interesting programme, International Relations.

“I had never been to Malmö before June; I really like all the modern University buildings. I also appreciated that Malmö seems to be a bike-friendly city.”

Maggie Kong 
Macau, China

Macau, ChinaMaggie had only just arrived after her flight and was taking a breather on a sofa next to her big pile of luggage that has been with her for the last sixteen hours.

“I am very tired right now,” she confesses, but with a big smile that shows she is pleased to have finally reached her destination. Maggie is an exchange student on her fourth year of studying literature.

“I chose Malmö together with my friends.  I wanted to go to Sweden since I have never been here before. I have been travelling a lot and I’ve seen a lot of places in Europe, but Sweden was still on my list. Malmö was the University in Sweden in exchange with my University. I don’t know anything about Sweden but my friends told me it is beautiful. I know it is cold,” she says laughing. “My expectations are to meet new friends and to improve my English.”

The students are well greeted at the student’s centre. Lots of volunteers in official t-shirts are running around doing their best at helping out. In a café the students get to sit and have a little snack before being furtherly introduced to the organisation.

Sofia Evers

sofia finlandSofia is studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Digital Arts on Malta. In the future, she wants to work with film and game design.

“The education on Malta has been really good. In Malmö I will be studying Design for Wearables and Character Design at K3. It will be nice to be able to speak Swedish again even though I am an exchange student,” she says. "I feel very international though." 


HyeJoo Yoo, Chaieun Lee and Leekyeung Han
Seoul, South Korea

seol grouppicOutside of the café sits a small group of tired but excited students from Seoul, South Korea. They are all friends but travelled here separately. HyeJoo Yoo is majoring in media and communication. HyeJoo chose to come to Sweden because she wanted to visit Europe. 

Chaieun Lee is majoring in statistics but is here to study education. Leekyeung Han is a computer science student whose interest in women’s right and equality is what lead her to Sweden. “I want to experience a country with equality. These issues are becoming important in South Korea too so I want to learn and understand more.”

The three girls agree that what seems the most fun about studying in Malmö is all the new friends they will make and the experience they will have of a northern European lifestyle.

Text: Mathilda Hansson

Last updated by Amanda Malmquist