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Research on 3D measurements prized with European research award


PhD student Niels Ganzer, Faculty of Odontology, has received the award for best research presentation at the 93rd annual congress of the European Orthodontic Society in Montreux.The research relates to a new method for measuring tooth movements on 3D scans of the jaws.

Niels Ganzer"It is very satisfying. Spending hour after hour in front of a computer and then suddenly being called to a large stage in front of 2000 colleagues. It is overwhelming to feel appreciation from so many for my research,” says Niels Ganzer.

Niels Ganzer is a specialist in orthodontics and works with orthodontic treatment of adolescents. His research at Malmö University evaluates the effects of a new method using 3D-scanned models to measure how teeth move. In order to evaluate treatment effects pre- and post treatment models need to be placed on top of each other.

"This is particularly difficult in adolescents who get orthodontic treatment since the jaws continue to grow and teeth are moved with braces. My method applies a new technique that makes it possible to find reference landmarks despite the morphological changes during treatment,” says Niels Ganzer.

He has conducted randomised controlled trials in 80 patients and will use the new method to evaluate the treatment result. The aim of Ganzer’s research is to compare a new treatment method using miniscrews to another conventional method.

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