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New era, new look for Malmö University


The Malmö University logo and graphic identity have now been finalised and approved. Although the ‘M’ – the core of the current logo – will live on, the graphics and image style will be developed.

New Malmö University logo

On January 1, 2018, Malmö University will be granted full university status. This will mean more research funding and the opportunity to decide on the establishment of postgraduate programmes and research training without the need for external involvement. The name in Swedish will change and the logo and the graphic representation will be updated.

“Moving to the next level is an excellent opportunity to enhance our graphic identity and ensure it retains a contemporary feel. The change will also be a clear indication that we are about to enter a new phase in our history,” said Maria Crona, project leader at university communications department, who has guided the process from the outset.

The graphic profile comprises fonts, colours, graphic elements, image style and logo. The executive management have been very clear about the underlying conditions in the task of reworking the logo and graphic profile. The core of the current logo for Malmö University will remain. The original was produced when Malmö University College was founded in 1998, with the ‘M’ standing for Malmö and Malmö University College.

“The ‘M’ in the current logo will no longer be enclosed in a circle, which was felt to be a constraining element. The ‘M’ is now open and independent, reflecting our ambition to become stronger in research, partnership and education. In combination with the other graphic elements and related guidelines, it will provide a clear, cohesive image and contribute to creating a common identity for the university,” said Karin Arvidsson, Head of Communications at Malmö University.

New Malmö University logo

The work has been led throughout by the university’s communications department in collaboration with the design agencies Kolossal and Länge leve kommunikation. The process commenced in December last year with a workshop attended by representatives from Malmö University and the agencies. Since then, the agencies have worked on a proposal, which was submitted to the university executive management and the board. The new graphic profile was given official approval by Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham on May 22.

With effect from January next year, the new logo will appear on everything from the website and the facades of the university’s buildings, to printed matter and a range of promotional products.

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