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Malmö University – proud to be a part of Pride!


As first-timers, student and staff did not hold back when it came to participating in this year’s Pride parade under the Malmö University banner. All part of the ongoing effort to celebrate diversity and forge a deeper understanding of societal issues by engagement and research.

Malmö University participate in Pride

The 10,000 strong parade, which included 10 members of staff and 20 students — not counting those who participated with other groups and organisations — was themed ‘Joining People’.

The parade was just one element of Malmö University’s involvement with two seminars also hosted in the city’s temporary Pride House venue.

Assistant lecturer Adam Gray, who co-arranged the university’s involvement, said: “The Pride parade was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it immensely, but it is not just about that, as a university we can contribute to the depth of education and the knowledge side of it.  

Malmö University participate in Pride

“We can and should offer our input on these issues. Malmö University is really at the beginning, we have had profiles of education focussing on immigration/migration, gender and the environment. Those were the three profiles worked into all the different courses, no matter what you studied.

“However, this is the time; society is ready and open for it. Universities are all about creating new knowledge, examining society, examining what’s out there and seeing how we can contribute to new knowledge and understand how we can solve the problems we have.

“We want to be seen internationally as what we are — a university that celebrates diversity.

“I also want to see more of a culture of respectful debate; we have it quite comfortably and naturally here at the university, but elsewhere I have been to seminars where everyone generally seemed to agree with each other, but if someone speaks out they are frozen out of the debate.

“In the future, perhaps our contribution to Malmö Pride is to help people stand up for what they believe in and foster respectful debate rather than an accusatory debate.” 

Malmö University participate in Pride

Charlotte C Petersson presented her current research project, which concerns men’s experiences of sexual violence and how these experiences have shaped their well-being and everyday life. 

“Male victims of sexual violence and rape are given very little attention in our society and therefore remain poorly understood and stigmatised. I presented statistics of male rape in Sweden and talked about the social, psychological and interpersonal consequences linked to the abuse.

“Sexual violence against men is more common than we think. Perceptions of masculinity makes it difficult for us to conceptualise men as victims, in particular victims of rape. Men who have experienced sexual violence therefore find it difficult to report attacks and obtain help and support from professionals. 

“The new knowledge generated in this project will serve to increase our understandings of how male victims of rape make sense of their experiences. In this way, we can develop the professional services offered to support male rape victims.”

Adam Gray at Malmö Pride

Jonas Haig and Nikki Schmidt presented their short animation film, ‘Norm’.

"It was created to portray how transgender people can perceive everyday situations, and is based on statistics concerning the mental health of transgender people in Sweden. The film is intended to serve as an introduction to the subject, and to be suitable for all ages," explained Jonas.

Text: Adrian Grist

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