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Love, loss and design, a guest professor explores the way we use technology


Digital tools are changing the way we connect and communicate. But while some would argue we’re spending our lives looking at screens and ignoring the world around us, Guest Professor Ann Light wants to talk about the way we can use technology. 

You can hear her views on the role of design when she presents her lecture ‘Framing Wonder: A Mission for Design’ on October 16.

With a background in computer science, her work touches on subjects such as co-design and social innovation. Still affiliated to her Alma Mater, University of Sussex, Ann Light will be undertaking her professorship role at K3 until November. During this time, she will be guest lecturing classes in Interaction Design and Co-Design.

Designing for a better future.

“I am interested in how we dwell together: how do people make living together work in communal spaces, towns and places, and what is the digital impact on that? How do people use technology to connect and influence their environments?

 “I work with activists that are interested in changing their environment and look at how they work with grassroots design. And I look at designing for sharing. This could be either in the broad sense of sharing spaces or specifically how we ensure that we use our resources better through design.

 “There’s a lot of work being done on the social impact of sharing and the economic and environmental benefits that come from working with sustainability. Sharing requires people to actually work collaboratively together.”

An exciting opportunity

Apart from teaching, Ann Light hopes to explore new relationships and collaborations during her time at K3.

“I’ve been meeting with people from Malmö University for years. A lot of my interest in design revolves around social processes, and that is something which Malmö University also explores. When I was presented with the opportunity to be a Guest Professor, it was an experience that I just couldn’t turn down.

 “When I look around at other institutes, I feel that Malmö University is the one place that’s working closely with the kind of things that I’m really interested in. I feel that I can recognise some of my own ambitions in the work that is going on here.”

Her lecture, which will focus on love, loss and what design can do to change the world, will be held in Niagara as part of the lecture series, Medea Talks.

Text: Amanda Malmquist

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