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Interaction Design students awarded Best Paper at international conference


Five international students studying the master’s programme in Interaction Design have been awarded ‘Best Paper’ at the SIDeR, Student Interaction Design Research Conference in The Netherlands.

Playing with food

The winning paper was presented with their prototype, the ‘Dessert Machine’ at the conference held in Delft. It was awarded in the category Smart Materials. The paper explored the topic of toys and the taboo around playing with food.

The Dessert Machine“The project was part of the course Play and Ludic Interaction, where we made a machine which was in the end classified as a toy. It was made for adults and used at the dinner table as a cake frosting machine,” said Mauricio Struuckel, one of the award-winning students.

“Originally, we wrote individual papers about the project that we eventually brought together. Each of us had very different takes on the same prototype,” he added.

The paper and the prototype was constructed by Hannah Weiser, Rebecca Gottert, Mauricio Struuckel, Sena Cerci, Katarina Thorstensson who, together with two other students from Malmö University, got to travel to the conference.

International perspective

The SIDeR conference aims to investigate the scope and influence of fields outside of traditional design. According to Mauricio, attending was also a great way of exploring the diversity of different interaction design programmes in Europe.

“The other participants were great, and we did realise that our class back home in Sweden has made us used to a level of presentation, work and critique that I consider very high. And that was a very positive realisation.

“Our programme is very good, and when I see what my colleagues do every day and the level of theory and the relevance of the theories, I get very happy with the work we do. I did see new things and interesting studies during this conference and it was both useful and refreshing to talk to others in the same field.“

Text: Amanda Malmquist

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