Malmö University 20 years – celebrate with us

Utskrift från Malmö universitets webbplats

Library seminars for doctoral students

Kurser för doktorander


7/3 Get started with

Strategic choices for scholarly publication

20/3 Strategic choices for scholarly publication

Strategisk publicering

5/4 Be visible – Academic social networking sites


12/4 Keep track, get organized [reference management] 


19/4 Introduction to LaTeX and BibTeX


26/4 The practice of research data management including how to find open data


7/5 Systematic Search Strategies

Reference management

14/5 Reference management -
Question time!

Support and help!

Do you need help with information searching, reference management, the thesis template, open access and the like? Book a one-on-one meeting with a librarian.

Use the booking form and we will pair you up with the right person.

Is there anything else you need? Tell us about it and we might be able to create an activity together!

Are you interested in one of the activities, but not able to come the specific date, or would like to book the same theme for a particular group? Contact us and we will customize an event for you.

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