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Thesis Writing Groups

THESIS WRITING GROUPS are aimed at students in the process of writing their degree project or bachelor’s thesis (15 hp), regardless of subject. Groups are formed by the students themselves. The groups meet continuously during the writing process. The meetings are meant to complement regular course activities and do not replace scheduled seminars or meetings with supervisors. At the meetings, students can motivate, inspire, encourage, and support each other during the writing process. The writing groups are started and supported by the Student Health Service and Malmö University Library staff, but group meetings are organised and run by the groups themselves.

Aim and purposes:

  • Reduce isolation during the thesis writing process.
  • kaffeReduce/overcome writer’s block, encourage writing.
  • The students can find comfort in each other, get help in their writing process and motivate each other to carry on with their thesis writing.
  • Inspire each other.
  • The writing groups are intended to be a complement to regular supervision, not a replacement! It is not a scholarly support group; the focus is on the emotional process.

Target group

The writing groups are aimed at students who are writing their examination assignment or bachelor’s thesis. It is important that the students in a writing group have approximately the same deadline for group members to be able to motivate each other in the best way. Studying the same subject is not required. The focus is on the writing process, not on the subject matter.

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