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Talking Books

Students with reading disabilities may borrow talking books from MTM Swedish Agency for Accessible Media. 
Find out more about: MTM:s service for students

How do I access Talking books?

At the Library we can help you find and acquire talking books. You can access your course literature in the form of a talking book, braille book or e-textbook. Visit us during our drop in hours or email us: talbok@mah.se to find out more, and to register an account for the Personal Download Service. Get started and download talking books to your computer or smart phone.

Legimus - Find your course literature:

First you need to have an account, contact us to be registered and get started.

Reading programs for talking books



Easy Reader




ReadHear Mac (Mac)


Support for students with disabilities

To take advantage of the full service Malmö university offers to students with disabilities, it is important that you contact the coordinator for students with disabilities at Malmö university

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