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Films & Images

Filmas and images


There are plenty of films available to borrow from the library, both feature films and documentaries.

You can search by film title in the library search, or search for dvd film and limit to Library Catalogue for a list of all titles. Under Subject you can limit the genre to documentaries (dokumentärfilm), children’s films (barnfilm), animation (animerad film), etc.


The library offers access to the image database Britannica Image Quest

This database holds copyright-cleared images for non-commercial, educational use,from some of the best image collection in the world, such as;

  • National Geographic Society
  • Getty Images
  • Oxford Scientific
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Nature Picture Library
  • Universal Images Group

The images in this site can be used for It's Learning, teacher lesson plans, assignments, activities, student reports and projects.

Can I use a photo I found online in my essay?

There are lots of images you may use online.
Look for this symbol Creative Commons. This means that the image has a Creative Commons licence, which indicates that you can use the image as long as you state who owns it and link back to the page on which you found it.

There are different levels of CC licence, so sometimes you must use the image just as it is, while sometimes it is also permitted to make changes, as long as you share your modified image. You can read more about the different CC licences here >>

In most image databases on the internet, it is possible to limit searches to images with Creative Commons licences. Look for the advanced search function.

Creative Commons Kiwi from CreativeCommons AotearoaNZ on Vimeo.

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