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Staying current with Browzine

Browzine is a service that allows you to browse, read and follow scholarly journals.

With Browzine, you can:

  • Browse and read journals: Browse by subject, review tables of contents, and download full articles.
  • Stay current with My Bookshelf: Create a personal bookshelf of titles to follow and receive new article notifications.
  • Access on any device: Visit http://browzine.com/libraries/587/ or use the Browzine app for IOS and Android.
  • Save and export articles: Use the Browzine app to save articles for off-line reading or export to services such as Mendeley, Refworks and Box. 

Find out more on how to stay current with Browzine – watch this short demo!

Browzine devices

How to use Browzine on a smartphone or tablet:

  • download Browzine to your smart phone or tablet
  • choose library: Malmö University
  • sgn in with your computer identity
  • create your own Browzine account for saved articles and bookshelves. 


Can I search for journal articles in Browzine? 

No, but you can follow your favorite journals and get notifications on new issues and new published articles. You can browse and explore journals in different subjects, and easily scan through their content. 

If I want to link to a subject collection or a journal in Browzine, how does it work? 

Just go to the web version of Browzine and copy the webpage url.

Can I find all journals in Browzine? 

You can search for all of the library’s journals, but you can’t read all of them in Browzine, if they´re not in Brwozine you follow the link to the journal webpage. A lot of the major publisher’s journals are included. 

Browzine focuses on scholarly journals, not magazines and newspapers, and journals in a subject category can be sorted by titles or Scimago journal ranking. 

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