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Templates for your thesis

The same template is used for all theses written at Malmö University to keep them uniform in appearance. The template is available in Word and InDesign formats and can be downloaded from the web site. Do you need advice and support for processing your text, illustrations, tables, etc. in the template? Courses are arranged by the library, as well as support.

Manage your references

A reference management program is a good way of keeping track of references during your thesis work. Find more information about reference management programs in our guide.



Getting an ISBN for your thesis

ISBN is a unique number that every book is given prior to publication. You can get help obtaining an ISBN for your thesis from Jenny Widmark at the library. In some cases you can get the same help from your faculty.

Register your information in MUEP

Before requesting a quotation and the publication of your thesis, start by entering data about your text in MUEP (Malmö University Electronic Publishing). At this stage you don't upload a full text document - that is added later when the text is completely finished and the cover is done. When you have entered your information and it has been validated, a handle number will be sent to your e-mail address. This should be specified in the quotation request to Holmbergs.

Step-by-step How to register your text in MUEP

What is a handle number?

In the same way as with ISBN, a handle number is a unique string of numbers for your thesis. You will automatically receive a handle number after entering your information in MUEP. The handle number must be stated in the request for a quotation to Holmbergs.

Request for quotation from Holmbergs

Contact the department or editorial council in your area before publication, in order to obtain approval to proceed with a request for a quotation.

The university's agreed printers are Holmbergs AB and they carry out printing, e-book production and distribution of theses. Read more in the university's agreement with Holmbergs (in Swedish), where you will also find examples of prices for production.

Holmbergs need your completed script at least three weeks before the notification date.

You must state the handle number and ISBN for your thesis in connection with the quotation. Refer to the above headings for information on how to proceed.

A quotation request is made using a web form (in Swedish). When you have sent in your quotation request, Holmbergs will get back to you with a written quotation and a timetable for the production of your thesis. You accept the quotation by sending an e-mail with an order to Holmbergs to malmo.hogskola@holmbergs.com. Holmbergs will then start work with you to produce the final design of your thesis. This means that you will have continuous contact with Holmbergs until the design of the thesis is ready.

Production at Holmbergs

You may notice that you need more support from Holmbergs during production than first estimated. It is important that you make sure the extra cost of such services is approved by your faculty.

When your thesis is ready for printing and/or distribution, you will receive an approval agreement to sign from Holmbergs and the final test printing. You accept the printing and any post-sales of your thesis in the agreement. When this is done, the thesis is printed and distributed by Holmbergs and is made available in MUEP.

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