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Registering research publications in MUEP

You register articles, theses, reports, etc. which you have written during your time as a researcher at Malmö University in MUEP. If you have the right to publish the entire work freely on the internet, you can also deposit a copy of it in MUEP.

You do the publication yourself by logging into MUEP and filling in information about your paper in the publishing form.


  1. Check if you have the right to make the publication freely available - you can get help on the pages under Open access. You will need a PDF of your publication, and rules for layout/design may vary between publishers.
  2. When you have done this, go to www.mah.se/muep 
  3. Log in using the link Login at the top right of the page, or in the right hand menu under the heading My account.
  4. Click on Start a new submission.
  5. The first step is to select which collection your work belongs to (called Collection in the database). Look up the correct type of publication in the alphabetical list, and the area which the publication belongs to. Click on Next.
  6. The next step is to approve the agreement, which means that you agree to your work being available on the internet. You keep the rights to your work, of course, and you can have it removed at any time. Please read through the agreement for publication in MUEP (in Swedish).
  7. On the next page you fill in information about your work: author, title, series where the work has been published, keywords, summary, etc. Click on Next.
  8. Then it is time to upload the full text. Do this by clicking on 'Browse' and locate the file on your computer. If you do not want to upload a file, just continue with Next.
  9. In the following two steps you can make changes if anything went wrong while you were entering the information. If everything is correct, you can continue by clicking on Complete submission

When the registration is complete, the paper will go via your area for checking and then to the library for bibliographic/data quality control. The work then becomes public and can be searched for in the database. You will receive notification by e-mail with a link to the paper and confirmation that it has been published in MUEP.

If your work is visible under the heading Submissions being reviewed when you are logged in on MUEP, this means it is on the waiting list to be approved by MUEP administrators. 

If your work is visible under the heading Unfinished submissions your registration is not yet completed (or the work has been sent back by the administrator, and you should have received an e-mail message). In order to finish the registration, click on the title of your paper and go through the various steps.

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