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Open Research & Contributor ID (ORCID) is an international register of researchers which is free for individual researchers. A unique ID for each researcher enables research to be linked to the right author in search systems, projects and publications. 

As an individual researcher, you can register with ORCID and you can then cross-reference publications, projects, data and other information from various sources. A few examples of publishers that have started to use ORCID for publishing are Elsevier, Nature Publishing Group and Thomson Reuters.

An ORCID identification code is required for applications to the Swedish Research Council, Forte and Formas from 2015 onwards. Publications and CVs do not need to be in ORCID for you to log into Prisma. Read more on the information page on the Prisma application system.

Would you like to register your own ORCID? Visit the ORCID website.

For support or further questions on ORCID please contact: Sara Kjellberg

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