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Malmö University's publication fund

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During 2019, Malmö University's researchers will have the opportunity to apply for money from a publication fund. 

The fund consists of SEK 400.000, and is meant to support researchers who publish their results in in open access journals. Open access journals often make use of a model with article processing charges, APC:s. The cost for publication is directly paid by the author upon acceptance of the publication. The article is free for all and the author keeps the copyright.

The Library will receive your application for financial publishing support and notify you whether or not support will be granted within two weeks.To be eligible to apply for money from the fund, researchers have to meet a number of criteria:

  • The article must have a corresponding author affiliated with Malmö University. The affiliation must be disclosed in the article for which you are applying for support.
  • Publishing support is distributed on a first come, first served-principle.
  • Support is granted for publication in journals that are solely open access. Journals are to comply with reasonable quality requirements by complying with the OASPA’s criteria
  • Subscription-based journals which, for a fee, can make a single article open access (hybrid journals) are not supported.
  • If the applicant author's external funder offers the possibility of funding the publication fee, support from Malmö University's publication fund will not be granted. In these cases, the author is directed to apply for funding from their funder instead. In the application form for the Malmö University publication fund, the author is requested to sign an assurance that he/she does not have access to funding for publication elsewhere
  • It is also possible to apply for financial support for publishing open access book chapters if the publishing house is considered to be of high quality.

More information:

  • The highest granted sum for publishing fees is SEK 30.000 per publication
  • When the fund has run out of money, the support ceases until new funding is provided
  • The article must be registered in MUEP at the time as the article is published
  • The applicant will be notified within two weeks whether or not support is granted
  • Refusal cannot be appealed
  • No support is granted for additional fees such as color prints and extra images

When you submit your article, please include the following invoice address:

Malmö universitet
Box 50500
202 50 Malmö, SWEDEN

Invoice reference: 12jewi

Please observe that the correct VAT number must be stated.
VAT number: 202100492001

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