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What is open access (OA)?

Open access means that readers have free access to scientific information on the internet i.e. it is free to read, quote, download and print scientific, quality reviewed publications. You can read more about open access at the website of the National Library of Sweden

What does Malmö University's OA policy mean?

The policy means that research staff or doctoral students at Malmö University must deposit a copy of published research results in the university's open digital archive, Malmö University Electronic Publishing (MUEP), provided that copyright does not prevent this.

If you are a researcher or postgraduate student at Malmö University, you should also publish your research results in journals that apply open access, when such journals are available.

In practice, the policy means that you must find out your rights about self-archiving for each new contact with a publisher after 1 March 2011. The policy does not apply retroactively, which means that already published material and contact with publishers before this date are excluded. 

The policy also includes content in the university's publication series, unless there are special reasons.

Read more here: the Malmö University Open Access Policy

Why should I make my work freely available?

More and more funders, such as the Swedish Research Council, demand that the results of research they support must be made freely available. Swedish researchers are affected by such requirements from both international and Swedish funders. Read more about it here: kb.se/openaccess/English/

What type of publications are covered by Malmö University's decision on OA policy?

The policy includes research published in external sources such as theses, books, book chapters, conference papers and reports, besides newspaper articles.

All the university's publication series must also be added in electronic form in MUEP. This means that even external author's publications are put in MUEP in those cases where the publication is published at Malmö University.

Which version should I publish in MUEP?

The content should be the same version that is published, i.e. if a peer-review has been completed, it is the version of the text after the peer review process that is registered in MUEP.  

Publications must be issued during the course of your employment at the university, i.e. when your organisation is named in the publication, it must be the University.

Can I register publications from other universities retroactively?

Publications that you made with another organisation cannot be registered in MUEP. If you want these to be freely available you should contact your previous workplace about retroactive registration.

What benefits does the policy have for me as researcher?

OA publication increases the visibility of your paper and can raise the number of citations (impact factor) for the publishing journal. It can also speed up the rate of scientific exchange and progress in your research. 

How can I find out if I am able to publish the entire article in MUEP?

You can find the rules that apply for the journal you want to publish in at SHERPA/RoMEO "Self-Archiving Policies", http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php.

If the journal or the publisher is not in Sherpa/RoMEO, ask about the publication rights in MUEP. You can keep some or all of the rights that the journal offers you in a publication contract by attaching SPARCs Author's Addendum. This is a ready-formulated additional clause for a publication contract which means that the author can retain certain specific rights for his publication.

What do I do if the journal allows me to parallel publish my "author's version" of the article?

The "author's version" is the version of the article which is peer-reviewed by the journal, but does not contain the journal's layout and page numbers. You can find information on how publishers feel about which version the author may use at Sherpa/Romeo: http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php

Scientific articles' "author versions" are automatically given an end paper in MUEP containing information about the original publication. For other types of publication you can use this, which was previously used in MUEP publications: flyer for MUEP. The flyer is useful for potential readers to obtain a correct reference to where your article was originally published.

How do I finance publication in open access journals?

As a researcher, you can add any additional cost for OA publication to the total amount you put in your application for project support.

During 2016, Malmö University also has a publication fund where you can apply for financial support for publication charges, please read more here

Who can I contact for help with OA publication?

In the first instance there are instructions to help you with publication at "Researchers/doctoral student". You can also contact us who works with MUEP publiceringsservice@mah.se

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