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The library offers support in the area of scientific publication for researchers and doctoral students. Among other things we can help you with the registration of publications in MUEP and issues related to open access, copyright, bibliometrics and printing of theses.  Help with registration of student essays is also included in publishing support.


The purpose of open access is to make scientific publications freely available.  What does Malmö University's policy mean with regard to making research results Open access? How do I apply for funds to cover publishing fees? How do I publish something as Open Access?

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Bok publicering

Publishing an article, an essay or a thesis means to make them visible and easily available.
Do you need an ISBN? How are templates used? What do I do when I register my text in MUEP?

How to publish research publications
How to publish student essays


Bibliometrics are used for surveys and analyses of publications.  They are used for evaluation of research, among other things.

How are bibliometrics used to rank researchers and research institutions? What does a map of your research area look like? Which research teams are the most influential?

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by researchers and students

MUEP contains registered publications written by researchers and students at Malmö University.  Do you want to register your research publication or student essay? Are you searching for a specific publication or do you want to see articles from a particular department/author?

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