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Welcome to research breakfast at the Library

Illustration BreakfastWe invite PhD students and researchers to join us for breakfast seminars on current topics and digital tools that are handy in your everyday research.

Come and listen to short presentations, try new tools and exchange experiences with other researchers.

How to detect and identify predatory Open Access publishers

Monday 14th of May 12-13, Ellipsen, Biblioteket Hälsa och Samhälle (lunch seminar)
Thursday 17th of May 9-10, Orkanen C526


Is all open access good open access?

"In academic publishing, predatory open-access publishing is an exploitative open-access publishing business model that involves charging publication fees to authors without providing the editorial and publishing services associated with legitimate journals (open access or not)" (Wikipedia). 

At this seminar, we will sort out the pitfalls of Open Access publishing and provide you with the necessary tools to identify less serious publishers.

Register at least 2 days before the seminar. Light lunch/breakfast is included and will be served from 30 minutes before the seminar starts.


What would you like for breakfast? Let us now your suggested topics and information need! Contact Jonas Fransson

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