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Events and exhibitions

Breakfast Seminars

We invite PhD students and researchers to join us for breakfast seminars on current topics and digital tools that are handy in your everyday research. Come and listen to short presentations, try new tools and exchange experiences with other researchers.

Research on Display

The event aims to present current research happening at Malmö University. Recently published books will be presented by the authors as well as an exhibition around the research field.

The Students Art Gallery

In the Orkanen library it is possible for students and staff to exhibit their works of art. It is a place where one can stop for reflection, inspiration, to be amused or annoyed.


In "Bokstafetten" some of the university's staff present their greatest reading experiences, both fiction and non-fiction.

6_om_sex_luckorThe Researchers Gallery

The Researchers Gallery shows ongoing and current research at Malmö University. The exhibitions are created in collaboration between the library and researchers at the university and are displayed in the White Box exhibition area at the Orkanen Library.

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