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Rules of lending and conditions of use at Malmö University Library

Malmö University Libraries are open to anyone over 18 years of age, although library services are primarily provided for students and staff at Malmö University. Those over the age of 18 have the right to loan material from Malmö University Library. To be able to loan material from Malmö University Library a library card is required.

As the holder of a library card at Malmö University Library, you enter into a contract with the library and are therefore obligated to adhere to the following rules of lending and conditions of use.

The rules of lending and conditions of use are subject to change. As a library patron, it is your responsibility to remain up to date on such changes and follow the applicable lending rules once your library card has been issued.

If you are disruptive in the library, or display otherwise unacceptable conduct, you can be removed from library premises and your library card will be blocked.

Library card

  • In order to loan material from Malmö University Library, you must be over the age of 18 or a registered student at Malmö University.
  • The library card is personal and should be treated as a valuable document. Lost cards should be immediately reported. Until a card is reported lost, all loans on the card are the responsibility of that library patron.
  • The library card is only issued upon presentation of valid photo identification.
  • The library is not obligated to send out e-mail messages, and cannot guarantee that e-mails reach the patron. The patron is always responsible for renewing or returning loans on time. 
  • The patron is not required to provide an email address. However, reminders, overdue notices and pick-up notices from the library are only sent electronically.
  • It is the patron’s own responsibility to notify the library on changes to their contact details. This can be done on the library’s website.

The library registers name, personal number, email address and telephone number in a patron register. Personal details are processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Loans and loan periods

  • The library has set loan periods:

The standard loan period for printed material and films is 21 days (28 days for distance students and interlibrary loans to other libraries). Reference material, journals and newspapers cannot be loaned out.

  • The patron is required to adhere to the loan periods and return or renew material in time. This applies even in circumstances of travel or illness.
  • Renewals can be made on the library’s website.
  • All loans are the responsibility of the patron until said loans have been deregistered in the library’s circulation system.
  • Loaned material shall be returned undamaged.

Details regarding an individual person’s loans are subject to confidentiality according to 40 kap 3§ Offentlighets- och sekretesslagen (SFS 2009:400).

Overdue fines and replacement costs

  • For overdue material the library charges a fee of 10 SEK per item, per day.
  • The patron is barred from loaning, reserving and renewing material if their overdue fines reach over 100 SEK. The block is removed once payment has been registered at the library.
  • Invoices are a fixed sum comprising of cost of labour and replacement costs and are sent out for material not returned. If the invoice is not paid it will become a matter for debt collectors. If the material is returned to the library after the invoice has been paid or been passed on to debt collectors, the sum will not be refunded.

Interlibrary loans

The library can loan in material from other libraries for students and employees of Malmö University. The loan period is always decided by the lending library, however a maximum loan period is set at 6 months. If the material is not returned when requested, the patron is obliged to pay the outstanding fines Malmö University Library owes the lending library. In some cases, interlibrary loans are not permitted to be loaned out and must instead be consumed in the library.

Rules for computer use

Malmö University’s computer rules apply when using library computers.

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