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How to get access to Elsevier journals after July 1st

The Swedish universities’ e-journal agreement with Elsevier has been cancelled.

Journal articles published after the first of July 2018 can no longer be accessed in the same way as before.

You will still have access to journal articles published from January 1995 to June 2018. 

How can I get access to articles in Elsevier’s journals? 

Order article copies via the library

Use this form to order article copies via the library. More information on ordering article copies

Use your network

Most publishers will allow responsible sharing of one's own publications. One way to get an article is to contact the author and ask for a copy.

Search for a free version

Google Scholar and Unpaywall, a browser plugin, are two ways to find free versions of articles. Find out more (in Swedish).



More information

Sweden stands up for open access – cancels agreement with Elsevier

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