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Course Literature

Malmö University Library policy is that compulsory course literature is purchased by the libraries.

The number of copies is determined by these guidelines:

There is always one reference copy of compulsory course literature.
Reference = library use only.

In addition, copies for borrowing are available according to the following conditions:

  • At least one copy if there are fewer than 30 students on the course.
  • At least two copies if there are 30 or more students on the course.
  • At least three copies if there 70 or more students on the course.
  • At least four copies if there are 120 or more students on the course.

If the title is available as an e-book, then it will replace the printed reference copy.

The prerequisite is that reading lists are sent to the library in good time before term starts.

If a title is missing from the library, please let us know and we will purchase the book as quickly as possible!

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