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Payment of tuition fees

We advise all students who will start their studies in the Autumn Semester 2018 to pay as soon as possible, but no later than June 1, 2018.

Payment methods 

We accept payment by credit card payment or by bank transfer. We recommend payment by credit card, as this is the fastest and easiest way to make a payment. If you opt to pay by bank transfer, please be aware that international transfers may take a couple of weeks to come through so make sure to allow for the extra time when making the payment.  

By credit card

To begin the credit card payment, you will need access to your Notification of Selection Results and the email containing payment instructions.Once you have that, please proceed through this link:

Online tuition fee payment

By bank transfer 


  • You must include your name and ID number as a reference with the transfer (ID number, or 'personal code no', available on the top-left corner of your Notification of Selection Results)
  • Inform your bank that you wish to transfer Swedish Crowns (SEK). If you bank cannot transfer Swedish Crowns, then you need to make sure the amount of money you transfer is equivalent to the invoiced amount of Swedish Crowns
  • You are responsible for any of your bank's charges associated with the transfer

Account details for International Payments

Bank's name Danske Bank
Account number 1281 0112584
IBAN SE77 1200 0000 0128 1011 2584
Bank address

Box 7523, 103 92 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Account details for Domestic Payments

If you make your tuition fee payment from a Swedish bank account, you can either tranfer to Malmö University's account number 1281 0112584 at the Danske Bank or make a payment to Bankgiro 5052-4958

Once we receive your payment, you will get a confirmation email and we will notify the Swedish Migration Agency about your completed payment. 

Refunds and non-payment of tuition fees

Before completing the payment, please make sure to read up on the terms and conditions pertaining to your tuition fee payment.

Refunds and non-payment

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