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Bachelor's degree programmes and courses at Malmö University

A bachelor's degree takes three years of full-time study and is worth 180 higher education credits. 

Bachelor's degree programmes at Malmö University

The following bachelor's programmes are offered in English. Bachelor's level education is also referred to as 'first cycle'.

Programmes offered:

Bachelor's courses at Malmö University

A large number of courses at bachelor level are taught in English. These courses are offered across a wide range of subjects. Undergraduate courses are also referred to as 'first cycle' courses.

Bachelor's courses at Malmö University
How to apply for a bachelor's course

Design your own programme

Students studying independent courses can combine studies at several schools during one term. Students may also choose to enrol in independent courses part-time, which means they study less than 30 higher education credits during one term.

By combining independent courses to fulfil the degree requirements, students can design a programme of their own, leading to a bachelor’s degree.

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