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Registration and academic info

Academic year
Registration for independent students
Registration for exchange students
Academic info

Academic year

The academic year in Sweden is divided into autumn and spring semesters. There is no official break for Christmas and New Year, but classes are not usually scheduled during that period.

Courses start and end on the following dates:

Spring semester 2018: 15 January - 3 June
Autumn semester 2018: 3 September - 20 January 2019

Spring semester 2019: 21 January - 9 June
Autumn semester 2019: 2 September - 19 January 2020

Registration for independent students

Before you can start your studies you will need to download your computer identity and register for your studies. You will be able to do this about 2 weeks before the courses start.

1. Activate your computer identity

 You use your computer identity during your entire period of studies to log in on computers and get access to the wireless network. With your computer identity you can also access the web platform Ladok Student, and the learning platform Itslearning. You must activate your computer identity before you can register for your studies. 

2. Register for your studies

You need to register for the programme or the course you have been accepted to. You need to be registered in order to participate in studies, and for your teachers to enter your study results. You can register online at Ladok Student or during the roll call. In your welcome letter you will find out which option applies to you – not all programmes or courses offer online registration.

Please note that if you have been conditionally admitted, online registration is not possible.

Registration for exchange students

Letter of acceptance

You must have a ’Letter of Acceptance’ to be admitted to studies at Malmö University. If you have not yet received this letter you may not be admitted and should contact the faculty coordinator to ask for confirmation. Do not leave home without it!


Registration for classes is done via your coordinator here in Malmö. Speak directly with the person who signed your ’Letter of Acceptance’, as soon as possible. Course changes might be possible upon or before arrival but not after the course has begun. Course changes cannot be guaranteed as courses may already be full. Please talk to the international coordinator at the faculty where you are going to study regarding changes. You may take a course at another faculty provided that your home university can authorize the choice. Please note that your home institution may require you to enrol in a specific number of units or credits at Malmö University, which may be higher or lower than our recommendation. However to be accepted as an exchange student at Malmö University you must complete a full-time course load of no less than 30 ECTS and no more than 35 ECTS.

Please note: The maximum amount of credits might differ at various faculties. Also, at some departments it is expected that you choose courses worth 30 ECTS excluding the Intensive Swedish Language course, since the latter is part of the Introduction Programme. Please check with your international coordinator!

Academic info

Your programme web page

All courses and programmes have a web page with the syllabus, course materials, schedule and contact details for the Student Services Assistant and the Course/Programme Coordinator. You can find your programme web page via or by searching for the name of your course/programme at


The schedule includes the times and rooms for your classes. You can find your schedule on your programme web page, or you can search via

Finding course literature

You can find your course literature in the programme syllabus on the web page for your studies.

Learn more about life as a student at Malmö University in the Student Guide.

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