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Airports and transport to Malmö


Malmö is located in the very south of Sweden across the bridge from Copenhagen. The distance between Copenhagen and Malmö is approximately 25 km and it will take you about 20 minutes to travel from Copenhagen to Malmö by train. Don’t book your ticket to Stockholm (the capital of Sweden), which is located about 800 km north of Malmö. Book your ticket directly to Malmö or Copenhagen.

Travelling from outside Europe
Travelling by train
Travelling by flight
Travelling by boat
Travelling by car

Travelling from outside Europe

If you can’t find a direct flight, your residence permit should include the country of stop-over.

You may have to transfer between terminals at these airports so it is a good idea to allow extra time between flights given strict security measures in Europe. If you are flying with the same airline on each stretch, ask the personnel on board to help in the event of delays or uncertainties.

If you are on prescribed medicines you should bring a letter from your doctor explaining what they are. Check with your airline regarding hand luggage restrictions.

By train 

From various places in Europe you can book direct trains to Malmö Central Station.  

By flight

The closest airports to Malmö are Copenhagen International Airport and Malmö Airport (Sturup).

Copenhagen International Airport (Kastrup - CPH) 

Copenhagen Airport is one of the largest international airports in northern Europe. You can take the train (called ‘Öresundståg’ in Swedish) from Terminal 3. It will take you across the strait between Denmark and Sweden, via the Öresund bridge, to Malmö Central Station. The journey takes 20 minutes. If you book through a travel agency, they can book your flight to include the train ticket. Trains depart three times an hour and a one-way ticket costs 110 Swedish Crowns (SEK). Tickets can be bought at the DSB ticket desk which closes at 11pm. Ticket machines only accept credit-cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.) and are located at the exit to the train platforms. Malmö Central is the third stop in Sweden. Visit or for more information. 

Malmö Airport (Sturup) 

Malmö Airport is a small airport with a connecting bus to Malmö Central station, which takes up to 45 minutes. Please see for time-tables and prices.

By boat 

Arriving to Ystad (from Poland) or Trelleborg (from Germany), you can take the bus or the train directly to Malmö. Please see for more information. The journey by car from the ferry terminal in Trelleborg to Malmö takes around 20 minutes. The train from Ystad to Malmö Central Station takes approximately 50 minutes. By car, the signs leading from the Ystad ferry terminals to Malmö are easy to follow. 

By car 

The Öresund Bridge crosses the Öresund strait and provides an efficient way of travel between Malmö and Copenhagen, either by car or by train. Please note that it is expensive to park cars in Malmö. It can also be difficult to find available parking spaces. Should you still decide to bring a car, please be careful when you park. Check parking signs for dates and times.

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