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University Housing FAQ

Can I cancel my housing before arrival?

Yes, if you decide to cancel you room you should contact the Housing Office as soon as possible. The first rent and bedding fee is non-refundable. The deposit will only be refunded if the cancellation is made one month prior to the move-in date.

Does the Housing Office offer any rooms for students to live with their family?

No, all rooms in the University Housing are for one student only. The double rooms are offered to two students applying separately. If you are planning to live with your family you have to arrange housing on your own, see our Housing website for information of how to look for housing in Malmö.

Can I pay the rent from someone else’s bank account?

As long as you use the correct reference code, you are free to pay from any bank account.

Do I have to pay rent in Swedish Crowns (SEK)?

You can pay in any currency you wish, as long as you make sure that the sum is equivalent to the amount in Swedish Crowns (SEK). It is not possible for Malmö University to say what the correct amount is, as it is depending on your bank's exchange rate. In case you would pay a bit more/a bit less, the amount will be added/deducted from your deposit.

How do I pick up my keys and sign the contract?

Information of how to pick up your keys and sign the contract will be e-mailed to you a few weeks before arrival day.

When does the semester end?

The end of the semester depends on the specific course you are attending. Students can talk to their teacher’s mid-semester to find out how long they need to stay in Malmö in order to finish their courses. Some students stay with a friend for the last few days in order to save some money, alternatively you can stay in a hostel for a few days.

Can I bring my own towels and bedsheets?

You can bring your own towels, bedsheets, pillows or duvets. Regardless, all tenants are required to pay the bedding fee together with the deposit, as bedding (a duvet and a pillow) is part of the standard room inventory.

Can I decorate my room?

You can decorate your room as you wish, as long as the decoration is removable and does not permanently affect the room (you can. eg. not paint or drill a hole in the wall). All personal items must be removed before you move out.

Can I have a guest over?

You can have friends or family staying up to a week in your room, but if it is longer than this you need to get permission from the Housing Office/landlord.

Can I sublet my room?

Renting your room to another person is strictly forbidden, no exceptions.

Can I have pets in my room?

No, animals are not allowed in the rooms/apartments.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the building. Should the fire alarm go off due to smoking indoors, the tenant will be charged by the Fire Service. Smoking is only allowed outside the building, or on the balcony in Rönnen International.

Where are the emergency exits?

There is emergency information posted on each floor. It is your own responsibility to learn how to find your way out in case of a fire. The emergency exits should be closed and accessible at all times! Things placed in the corridors are a fire hazard and will be removed.

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