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Östra Fäladsgatan (Sege Park)

Sege Park student housing

Sege Park is made up of of three different buildings.

Basic information about Sege Park
In total it has 117 unfurnished apartments which are all between 16 and 45sqm. There are 106 one-bedroom apartments and 12 two-bedroom, all have their own kitchen and bathroom. Rent ranges between SEK 2,750 and 6,700 per month, including electricity and heating. Rent is paid ten months of the year - July and August are rent free. NOTE! To sign a lease, you must have a Swedish guarantor or pay a deposit of 3 months' rent.

What community amenities are available?
Broadband internet is available through MKB Net. The connection fee is SEK 495 for students and once you’re connected, you can choose from several different broadband suppliers. Three Swedish TV channels are included in the rent.

The address and getting around
You'll find it at:
Östra Fäladsgatan 34-40.

A nearby bus stop will connect you to the city centre.  It is within a reasonable cycling distance to much of the university campus.

Sege Park is owned by Stadsfastigheter, which is a part of Malmö City, and managed by MKB.

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