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Malmö Studenthus

Malmö Studenthus student housing

The building used to be owned by the city of Malmö and was built in the 1970s - the interior has recently been refurbished.

Basic information about Malmö Studenthus
There are 667 unfurnished apartments, which makes it the largest student apartment building in Malmö. Most of the apartments are one-bedroom and between 21 and 33sqm, but there are also a number of two-bedroom apartments which are about 60sqm in size. Rent varies between SEK 3,800 and 4,600 per month. The cost of electricity and water is not included, the cost for broadband is an additional SEK 140 per month. The rent is only paid for ten months - July and August are rent free. NOTE! To sign a lease, you must have a Swedish guarantor or pay a deposit of three months rent.

What community amenities are available?
There are two common rooms with wireless internet. Tenants are offered a package containing IP telephone, broadband Internet and some TV channels. There is a gym and a pizza restaurant in the building. You can rent a guest apartment if you have family visiting.

The address and getting around
You'll find it at:
Thomsons väg 27.

A bus to the city centre stops outside the building.  It is within a reasonable cycling distance to much of the university campus.

Malmö Studenthus is owned and managed by Malmö Studenthus AB.

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