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Housing FAQ

1. Questions on how to find housing

2. Questions about your apartment/room

3. Questions about the second hand market
Please see "Second Hand Housing FAQ"



I'm in Malmö and I urgently need a place to stay. What do I do?  

If you’re in need of a place to sleep for a night or two, then your best options is to contact one of the hostels in Malmö. You can also try contacting the Student Union. They arrange a temporary housing project, the sofa project, at the beginning of the semester.

If you are looking for a more permanent housing solution, but fast, then your best option is the second-hand market where you can, for example, find a room in a private residence. If you're lucky, it only takes a day or two.  

I’ve been accepted at Malmö Uni and need to find a place to stay. How do I do this?

There are different approaches to finding accommodation depending on what type of student you are:

Exchange and tuition fee-paying students -  are eligible for "University Housing". Note that Malmö University currently only has the opportunity to offer apartments/rooms suitable for one student. If you plan to bring your family to Malmö, then you have to arrange housing on your own.

European/Swedish students - have to arrange their own housing. There are a few alternatives with have one thing in common; they (usually) take time to arrange.

There are currently about 2,000 student apartments in Malmö. The majority of apartments are only available through the housing agency, Boplats Syd.

Please note that all student housing is unfurnished and that if you, cannot provide a creditor with a Swedish payment history, you must pay three months’ rent in deposit (plus one month’s rent in advance) to sign the contract.

The rent ranges from about SEK 3,700-4,300 per month. For the majority of student housing, rent is paid ten out of twelve months of the year (two months during the summer are rent-free).

Via pages like Hemma you can find ads from people who are willing to rent out rooms - or want to rent out their entire apartment – to students.

The rent for a furnished room varies between SEK 2,700-4000 per month. Please note that Malmö University doesn’t recommend students to pay rent or deposits in advance.

There is a large number of property owners offering rental apartments in Malmö. Please note that the queues often are long and that if you cannot provide a creditor with a Swedish payment history, you must pay three months’ rent in deposit (plus one month’s rent in advance) to sign a contract.

How long does it take to find a place to live in Malmö?

There is a general shortage of housing in Malmö, which means that it can take quite a long time to get an offer for housing. How long it takes depends on the type of accommodation you are interested in.

Looking for student housing, via Boplats Syd or any of the private property owners, usually require between 3 and 8 months of waiting time (depending on which apartment you are interested in and how many other students are looking for housing).

If you’re looking for a regular rental apartment, it can take a long time before you are offered contact. At Boplats Syd, you often need several years of waiting time to get a small apartment with low rent. If you turn to one of the private landlords, it may go much faster though, depending on how persistent you are.

Trying to find housing on the “second-hand” market (becoming a lodger or subletting somebody else’s apartment) is often much faster. It can take anywhere from one hour to a couple of weeks to find a nice place to stay.

Where are the student apartments in Malmö located?

Student housing is not centred in one location, but are scattered throughout Malmö. The larger student housing areas are at Värnhem and in Rosengård (in the outskirts of Malmö) but there are a couple of properties with student apartments in the West Harbour as well.

Information about student housing in Malmö, where apartments are located, how much they cost and how to apply to them can be found in the Housing Handbook.

What is Boplats Syd?

Boplats Syd is the municipal housing queue in Malmö. The basic idea behind it is to provide apartments relative to the applicant’s time in the queue - the longer the time in the queue, the greater the chance to get an offer on an apartment. How quickly you, as an applicant, can get an apartment is also determined by various factors: choice of area, the property owner's requirements, and the number of vacancies.

It costs SEK 300 per year to be a member at Boplats. To be able to sign an apartment contract, you need to be able to pay a three month deposit in advance (or find a creditor who has a financial record in Sweden).

I have signed up at Boplats Syd - what happens now?

  1. Start applying for vacant apartments - you can apply for up to five at the time. Apartments are usually advertised on the website for seven days (the student housing is advertised for only three days). As a member, you can subscribe to newly advertised apartments via email.

  2. After you have applied for an apartment, you can go to ‘My Pages’ to see how many people are in the queue and which spot you are in the queue. You can even see how long the person in the first spot has been waiting in the queue.

  3. A number of people are invited to view the apartments. The prerequisite for being called to see the apartment is that you meet the property owner’s requirements and you have had adequate time in the queue. If you cannot participate in the viewing, it's important that you communicate this to the landlord/Boplats Syd and say that you are interested in the apartment without viewing it.

  4. After viewing, you must notify if you are still interested in the apartment. The candidate who is still interested with the longest waiting time will be contacted. The personal information that was entered into Boplats is checked.

  5. The contract is signed by the property owner and by you, then its time to move in.

It is important that you register as a student, or you will not be eligible to apply for vacant student apartments.

I’ve been offered to view an apartment I really want to but I can’t make the viewing. What should I do?

 If you’ve been offered a viewing but can’t attend (and is still interested in the apartment) make sure to inform the property owner/Boplats Syd, otherwise you might be discarded as an applicant for that specific apartment. Please note that if you’ve been offered five viewings and turned all of them down, your waiting time in the queue will be reset.

If you are offered a regular rental apartment via Boplats Syd and accept, your waiting time in the queue will be reset. However, this does not apply when you accept a student apartment - then you will maintain your position in the queue. This is because you’re only allowed to stay in a student apartment as long as you study and take academic credits.

I want to live with my partner but he/she is not a student. Can we get a student apartment? 

The person who signs the contract for a student apartment must be a student, provided that the property owner is okay with two tenants sharing the apartment. Please note that this is not always the case in the smaller student apartments, sometimes the landlord only accepts one tenant.

Is there student housing suitable for families?

There are a few student apartments in Malmö suitable for students with families; however, these are all two-bedroom apartments.

  • Celsiusgården (3/109)
  • Malmö Studenthus (2/667)
  • Rönnen (13/491)
  • Södra Sommarstaden (26/144)
  • Studeum (33/103)
  • Xantippa (4/36)
  • Idaborgsgatan (35/84)
  • Västra Varvsgatan (5/62)
  • Panelgatan (8/84)

If you haven’t gotten an offer of a two-bedroom student apartment, or you need a larger apartment than that, you primarily have two options; either find a regular apartment or try to find something suitable on the “second-hand” market.




How much does it cost to rent a student apartment and how much should be paid in advance?

The rent varies depending on the size and standard of the apartment/room.

The average rent for a student apartment (a studio with bathroom and a small kitchenette) is between SEK 3,700-4,300 per month. The rent for a dormitory room is slightly lower. Almost all student apartments have a 10-month lease, which means that June/July or July/August are rent-free.

If you lack Swedish payment history, you must either find a creditor with a Swedish financial record or pay three months’ rent in deposit (plus one month rent in advance) to rent a student apartment. This applies whether you are looking for housing through Boplats Syd or via one of the private property owners.

If you rent a room in a private residence or sublet somebody else’s apartment, you usually also have to pay a deposit. The rent varies, ranging from SEK 1,000 to 10,000. If your landlord requires a deposit it’s important, for both parties, that the contract clearly states what is applicable when it’s time to refund the money. Always keep all rent receipts and payment of the deposit (or bank statements). 

What is included in the rent?

There are different conditions for the various student houses. The cost of water is included in all Swedish rental apartments, the same applies for student housing. The costs of electricity and heat are often included, but there are exceptions. For more detailed information about what’s applicable in the different buildings please see the Housing Handbook.

Altona offers both full and half board, depending on which alternative you choose, the number of household services and meals included varies.


What is a reasonable price for rent in a private residence?

The rent is dependent on the size, location and standard but also on how much of the apartment/house you have at your disposal. In Malmö, the average rent for a room in a private residence is between SEK 2,500-3,500 per month. Rooms in private residences are almost always furnished and usually have 12-month leases.

If you rent a furnished room or sublease somebody else’s apartment, you may also have to pay a deposit. The rent varies, ranging from SEK 1,000 to 10,000. If your landlord requires a deposit it’s important, for both parties, that the contract clearly states what is applicable when it’s time to refund the money. Always keep all rent receipts and payment of the deposit (or bank statements).


Are the student apartments in Malmö furnished?

No, none of the student apartments are furnished*. However, in most apartments there is a refrigerator, freezer, stove, bathroom cabinets, hat rack and one or more built-in wardrobes.

If you are subletting a room in a private residence, it is almost always furnished.

Click here to find more information of where to look for furniture in Malmö.

*With the exception of the rooms and apartments within University Housing


What are the possibilities of television / telephone / broadband?

There are different conditions in the various student houses. See the Housing Handbook for information on what is applicable in each house.

Am I allowed to have pets?

The different property owners have their own rules about pets, to find out what’s applicable where you live please get in contact with your landlord.

Response from some of the largest property owners with student apartments:
MKB - Most common pets are welcome (not in the common areas though).
HSB - Most common pets welcome.
Malmö Studenthus - There is no policy on pets.


Do I need home insurance?

If you live in a student apartment or in a regular rental apartment, you must have home insurance. Many insurance companies currently offer special home insurance to students, the conditions of these can vary between different companies. We recommend you to contact the various insurance companies and ask what is applicable.

If you sublet somebody's apartment or are a lodger, the original tenant's insurance does not usually cover damage that you cause. To avoid unnecessary cost, contact your current insurance company for their insurance policy or get insurance of your own.


I want to repaint the walls in my student apartment. Is that okay?

You have the right to paint and decorate your wall to a normal extent. But, if you drill a lot of holes in the walls or paint them an "extreme" color, you probably will have to, at our own expense, restore the apartment to its original condition.

Please note that your landlord is obliged to repaint, wallpaper and repair “wear and tear” caused by normal use of the apartment with reasonable intervals.


I suspect that I have bed bugs. What should I do now?

If you think you have problems with vermin, you should immediately contact your landlord. Bedbugs were a major problem in Sweden a long time ago and have, in recent years, once again become a growing problem. Relatively speaking, bedbugs have not been such an issue in Malmö.

Bedbugs spread through humans, therefore you should always inspect used furniture carefully before putting them into your home.

If you have a question not mentioned here please get in contact with us! 

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