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Admission from reserve list

Information for those on the reserve list (waiting list)

Some courses and programmes at Malmö University have more students admitted than the planned number of places. If you are a reserve and placed on the waiting list, it is still possible to be admitted to that course/programmes if an available spot opens.

We are often asked how likely it is to get in as a reserve. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to answer. When reserves are admitted/called, we take into consideration the admitted students who have declined their places and replace them proportionally with reserves from the same selection groups as those who declined their places.

There are several applicants with the same number on the waiting list, for example, waiting list applicant 1 in the selection group for the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test and waiting list applicant 1 for grade group BI or BII. Sometimes, this can mean that several applicants from one selection group are called before the first one in another.

If you are a reserve after first selection and you are still interested in the programme, you should answer 'yes' to confirm your offer at You need to confirm both the admitted as well as reserve places you which to participate with in the second selection.

You can only be admitted to one full time programme per semester; so if, after the second selection, you are admitted to a programme where you were placed as a reserve in the first selection, the programme with the lower priority will be deleted

If you are still a reserve after second selection, unfortunately, the only thing you can do is to wait. After roll call, if fewer students than expected are registered, we review and contact applicants from the reserve list as soon as possible.

We get your contact information from the admissions system, so please check that you have entered this information correctly at If you change your contact information after the second selection, you need to contact us directly to let us know.

Admission from the waiting list should be completed within approximately two weeks after the start of the programme or the course. There is no reserve admission at the roll call, and consequently, no one from the reserve list is invited to attend. 

Reminder to second selection waiting list applicants:

  • You should not come to roll call.
  • Make sure you have the correct contact information at so we can reach you if you are considered for a place.
  • We will contact you within two weeks of the regular roll call.

The reserve list in our system is not dynamic. We cannot say if you have moved up on the list, after the second selection your reserve number will be the same regardless of how many students have been admitted from the list ahead of you.

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