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What does merit rating (MR) and selection group mean?

Qualified applicants receive one or more merit ratings, which determine the applicant’s selection ranking.

In the selection process, applicants with the highest selection ranking are prioritised. However, a low selection ranking does not mean you will not be admitted, and a higher selection ranking does not mean you are guaranteed admission.

Selection groups- bachelor programmes and courses

Below is an explanation and guide to the most common selection groups and their corresponding merit ratings.

Selection groups

Merit ratings (MR) 

BI  Final grades, upper-secondary education 10.00-22.50
BII Final grades from upper-secondary eduation with supplementary qualifications 10.00-22.50
BF Final grade: Student assessment from folk high school (Sweden)
HP National University Aptitude Test/Högskoleprovet
(offered in Swedish only)
HPGR Higher Education Credits, bachelor’s level (first-cycle), only for courses

The percentage of applicants excepted from each selection group can vary. For example, the bachelor’s programme International Relations has two selection groups: final grades 66% and national university aptitude test 34%.  

Selection groups- master programmes and courses

Selection for master's programmes is usually based on a number of Higher Education Credits. We do not take grade point average or letters of reference or recommendation into consideration.


Merit ratings (MR) 

HPAV Higher Education Credits, master’s level (second-cycle) 150-285
AU Alternative selection, instructions on the programme's page.
up to 800 

Don't qualify for the selection groups? 

Don't worry, you're not alone. Examples for students who don't qualify for a selection group are applicants with late applications or who do not have enough credits. These applicants may be accepted after the applicants with a selection group merit rating. Below you will find a list of merit ratings without selection groups.


Assessment of qualifications without selection groups

ÖS Other applicants
Applicants who do not have the applicable qualifications to earn a merit rating in one of the relevant selection groups receive the rating ÖS 999.This group is selected before SA and EA.

Late application
Applications that have been received after the application deadline but before the Second Notification of Selection round.  

A rating based on the application date 




Please note that late applications (SA) will be considered after applications that arrived on time.

Selection process (

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