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Late Applications

Did you miss the deadline?

It can be possible to make a late application for some of our courses or programmes. You make the application through the page. Educations open for late applications have an “Add” button. Check out exactly which programmes/courses that are open for late application here!

Malmö University will process late applications and documents that arrive after the deadline only if time allows. However, when a course or programme is open for late application we have made the preliminary assessment that we will be able to process them.

If you submit a late application or documents after the deadline, your merit rating, and place in the selection, will be based on the date your application is complete. 

If any of the following arrive after the set deadline your application will be considered late:

-Your application
-The copy of your ID or passport that proves your exemption from the application fee. Or if you pay the application fee late.
-Any of the documents required to prove your eligibility.

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