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Contact information for students

At the Student Centre we can offer you support, guidance and councelling for both current and prospective students.

Adress: Neptuniplan 7/ Matrosgatan 1
Opening hours: Monday–Friday 8-16.30

Maps and premises 

Admissions Office

Admission, eligibility, documentation and deadlines.
Email: admissions@mah.se 
Drop-in: Monday–Thursday 11.30-12.30
Phone: +46 (0)40-66 57 500
Phone hours: Monday–Thursday 11-12

Read more about the Admissions Office

Career Services

Workshops, individual career coaching, job posting services and career resources. 

Read more about Career Service

Student Health Service 

Counselling and support regarding issues related to the study situation. As well as health care guidance, birth control guidance and STI-testing.
Email: studenthalsan@mah.se
For councellors: Monday–Thursday 11.30-12.30
For nurse/midwife: Monday–Thursday 10-11.30
For councellors:+46 (0)40-665 71 70 Monday–Thursday 10-11
For nurse/midwife: +46 (0)40-665 71 70 Monday–Thursday 9-10 

Contact information for the Student Health Service

Study Guidance 

General information and guidance regarding higher education, individual career planning, group guidance and workshops.
Email: studievagledning@mau.se 
Drop-in: Monday–Thursday 11.30-12.30
Phone: + 46 (0)40 665 75 10
Phone hours: Monday, Wednesday 9-11, Tuesday, Thursday 14-16, and Friday 10-12

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Degree Office 

Degree applications and issuing degrees.
Email: examen@mah.se
Drop-in: Monday–Thursday 11.30-12.30
Phone: + 46 (0)40 665 7600 
Phone hours: Monday–Thursday 11-12

Contact information for the Degree Office 

International Office

The International Office gives service to International Students and give students at Malmö Universiy the possibility to spend a semester abroad through studies, Erasmus traineeships or MFS (Minor Field Studies)
Email: internationaloffice@mah.se
Drop-in: Monday–Thursday 11.30-12.30

Contact information for the International Office

University Chaplains

The University Chaplains organise a number of different activities, such as discussion groups, services and weekend retreats.

Read more about the University Chaplains

Disability Service 

The Disability Service offer compensatory support based on your individual needs.
Email: funk@mah.se 

Contact information for Disability Service

Housing Office

We guide students on the housing market and assist in finding student housing.

Information about the Housing Office

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