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Malmö University press contacts

Director of Communications

Ingrid Persson
Phone: (+46) 73 663 53 67

For specific press questions, please contact:

Faculty of Health and Society

Charlotte Löndahl Bechmann
Phone: (+46) 40 665 78 79

Faculty of Culture and Society

Lotta Orban
Phone: (+46) 40-665 77 02
Mobile: (+46) 709-655 492

Faculty of Education and Society

Helena Smitt
Phone: (+46) 40-665 80 62
Mobile: (+46) 709-655 355

Faculty of Odontology and Faculty of Technology and Society

Magnus Jando
Phone: (+46) 40-665 81 97
Mobile: (+46) 709-655 372

Are you in search of a source with expertise and authority?

Browse the Malmo University personnel-database containing information about all staff members.

Malmo University personnel- and competence register

Enter the name of any Malmö University staff member into the search window.
When in need of an expert or an authority within a certain area, type the name of the field of study in the search window (i.e., “Material science”).
Enter “Personal” in the drop-down window to the right.
The database will present a list of all staff members with “Material science” as part of their core competence.

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