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Why choose Malmö University?

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Malmö University is...


Offers high quality education where teachers and students work closely together, and under graduates are seen as important contributors to the learning process.


Promotes an entrepreneurial and innovative learning environment that influences and is influenced by the education and research at Malmö University.


Boasts multidisciplinary programmes whereby students learn from different faculties, crucially important in an increasingly complex job market.


Truly international classrooms where around a third of students have an international background – invaluable for students who are looking for a global career.


Based in modern, environmentally friendly buildings, parts of the campus have won awards for their architecture. The university campus is located in a lively and central area of Malmö, just next to the railway station and only 2km from the beach.

Big, but not too big!

The ninth largest higher educational institution in Sweden, with 24,000 students.


Students have the opportunity to study abroad. We have agreements with approximately 250 universities around the world.


Copenhagen international airport Kastrup (Denmark) is only 20 minutes away by train, and Copenhagen city 30 minutes away. Network links from here can take you by train throughout Europe and by plane, anywhere in the world!

Why choose Malmö city?

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Malmö city is...


Almost half of the population are aged 35 or under.

An economic hub

Almost 30 companies have moved their headquarters to Malmö during the last seven years.


It has been ranked by Forbes as the fourth most innovative city in the world. Seven start-up companies are launched every day in Malmö.


The first city in Sweden to become a Fairtrade City, it is engaged in the issue of ethical consumption and ranks alongside the likes of Copenhagen, San Francisco, London and Rome.


In 2016 it was voted the seventh happiest place in live in Europe by the European Commission.

Bicycle friendly

Nominated as the sixth most bicycle friendly city in the world, allowing for easy, safe and environmentally travel in and around Malmö.


More than 40 per cent of the population have a foreign background with residents coming from 177 countries.

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