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Vision, core values and strategy

At Malmö University, research and education shall be innovative, international and boundary-crossing and safeguard the strengths and properties that characterise the university.

Extracts from Strategy 2022:


Malmö University contributes to a sustainable and moreequal society through research-based knowledge, criticalreflection and readiness to act.

Core values

Malmö University is founded on the human, democraticand academic values that have emerged from theideals of an open society, freedom of speech andcritical thinking.


Malmö University provides high quality education andresearch through which, in collaboration with othersocietal actors, we create, share and disseminateknowledge to understand, explain and develop society.At Malmö University, the particularities and traditionsof the different disciplines are respected and given theopportunity to be clearly expressed.

Overarching goals for education and research at Malmö University

  • Long-term, nationally and internationally outstanding research which, together with doctoral education, constitutes one third of the university’s activities
  • Education grounded in research, in terms of teaching methods as well as subject matter, which provides the conditions for inclusive and student-active life-long learning
  • Strong, coherent and boundary-crossing international academic environments in which education, research and collaboration are integrated

Development areas 2018–2022

The five most important development areas for Malmö University in its first five-year period, based on the three overarching goals for education and research: 

  • Academic values,
  • Research and doctoral education,
  • Identity and role in soceiety,
  • Competence, leadership and paths,
  • The University environment.
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