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The Academic System at Malmö University

Two students in the student library Orkanen

Sweden’s academic model differs considerably from that found in many other parts of the world. What’s unusual about it is that students are made responsible for their own development, on all levels of learning.

In addition, the open and interactive teaching environment at Malmö University encourages critical thinking, discussions and questions, in lectures and seminars. 

Although students have a certain number of lectures every week, much of the course work is based on independent study and group work.

As a student at Malmö University, get ready to take responsibility for your time and studies. A basic tool in the Swedish educational model is the development of individual motivation. 

The structure of higher education in Sweden

Full-time studies

One term of full-time studies gives 30 credits (hp), which is equivalent to 30 ECTS. The courses are usually divided into blocks of 7.5 (5 weeks) or 15 credits (10 weeks). They are usually run one after the other (not in parallel) with exams scattered throughout the course. In some cases they end with an examination. Consider that if you register late for the first block, there may be very little time to catch up before the first exam.

More informations about credits

Plagiarism is not allowed

Plagiarism and cheating is neither legal nor accepted in Sweden’s academic culture. 
At Malmö University, we expect students to uphold our high standards of academic honesty. Plagiarism is defined as copying someone else’s text or idea without a clear reference to the original source. If you are unsure about the correct way to cite your sources in academic writing, be sure to consult your teacher or advisor. 

Student Rights and Obligations 

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