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Teaching Award

Teaching Award 2016
Every year the university's education committee announces a teaching award, together with Malmö University’s Student Union and The Student Union at the Faculty of Odontology, for the teachers who have been especially successful in promoting student learning. Teachers and staff are encouraged to tominate candidates to Teaching Award. 

The overall aim of the award is to:

  • stimulate education by focusing on student learning at Malmö University
  • honour a teaching group or individual teacher who has shown competence and enthusiasm in promoting student knowledge
  • support and develop cooperation between teachers, teachers and students and various stakeholders locally and/or internationally
Malmö University’s teaching award will be presented at the Annual Celebration. Since 2001, the teaching award has been a regular feature of the university’s biggest celebration.

Students and staff can nominate

Registered students and employees at Malmö University can give suggestions for award recipients. The candidates can be either a group of teachers who work together in a course or programme, or an individual teacher. 

The Vice-Chancellor of Malmö University will appoint the recipient of the teaching award. More than one teaching award can be given out. A grant is awarded in conjunction with the teaching award so the recipient can further his/her educational development. The students and/or teachers who nominated teachers will be invited to the Annual Celebration October 20.  The names of the nominated teachers will be published on the university’s website.

Nominate your candidate

Nomination form (for students)

Nomination form (for staff)

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