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Registration for Staff Training 2018

Registration for the Staff Training with deadline 26th March. 

Make sure you prioritise your staff shadowing choice from 1-3.

Please note that we will charge a fee of 90€ to be paid before 2nd April if you are accepted (no refunds available).

Payment details:

Included in the 90€ price is:
2 lunches
2 Dinners
Malmö City tour

1.Full Name and Title (Ms/Mr/Mrs)
2. Home Insitution
3. Faculty/Department
4. City
5. Country
6. Email address
7. Position title
8. Tasks
9. Erasmus+ Code
10. Food preferences/allergies
11. 1. Staff shadowing wishes
11. 2. Staff shadowing wishes
11. 3. Staff shadowing wishes
12. Expectations

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