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International Staff Training Week Malmö-Sweden, 23-25th April, 2018

Malmö University has the great pleasure of inviting you to the 2018 International Staff Training Week with the theme “Widening Participation”.

This will be held at Malmö University on Monday, 23rd April until Wednesday 25th April, 2018.The three-day programme will consist of workshops, staff shadowing and networking opportunities, presentations and social events. The aim of the week is to provide both visiting participants and staff from Malmö University with mutual benefit, through the exchange of ideas and discussions. There will also be time to get a tour around campus as well as the city of Malmö. Please note that the Library offers two extra days for library staff on 26-27th April.

You can find a preliminary programme over on the right hand side. The staff training week will suit anyone working with widening participation or who would like to know more about how Malmö University works with this area. You might work with - Study/career guidance - Student Health Services- Admissions- Outreach- Student Recruitment- Teaching- Librarian -Communication. However, please feel welcome to apply if your general interests lie within the area of widening participation. 


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